careLOG™ is a patient-specific Allograft shipping logistic. It contains the actual Allograft and all application and billing related documents. careLOG™ includes all aspects needed for a safe Allograft application and swift reimbursement.

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Insurance Verification Request (IVR)

Extremity Care provides for all offered technologies a free-of-charge patient insurance verification service.

We verify insurance coverage and other reimbursement related aspects before product is shipped and applied.

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Our world post COVID-19 has changed.

Extremity Care is proud to introduce careMAC™, a virtual, social media based, connector to bridge our technology to patients and healthcare providers in a safe and reliable environment.

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DME accreditation

Since 2018 Extremity Care has been an accredited DME vendor with the Center for Medicare and Medicare Services.


We strive for best in class compliance in every aspect of our business operations.