careLOG™ is a patient-specific Allograft shipping logistic. It contains the actual Allograft and all application and billing related documents. careLOG™ includes all aspects needed for a safe Allograft application and swift reimbursement.

Handling & Application Instructions

careLOG™ outlines the recommended Allograft application process. From receiving of the Allograft through providing FDA required tracing information back to Extremity Care.

The inside of the careLOG™ is dedicated to the details around billing and handling of the Allograft. It oulines the content of the box and how application and billing should be handled.

Return Shipments

Each Allograft is shipped for a pre-verified application. Specific to one particular patient claim.

Should anything change, use careLOG™ to return the product in an FDA compliant way.

careLOG™should be used for all allograft returns. Extremity Care provides the Fedex label as well as a box seal for a compliant return of the product.

Included in each careLOG™ shipment is:


Included in the shipment is the insurance pre-verified Allograft tissue. The Allograft should only be used for the patient it was requested for.

Extremity Care is an authorized distributor of  FlowerAmnioFlo and FlowerAmnioPatch. Both products are sourced in the USA and processed under AATB quality standards.

Billing & Reimbursement Documents

The Billing Summary Card outlines for which patient the product was shipped. It also outlines all relevant billing information, specific to the patient, needed for a swift reimbursement.

Allograft Handling Instructions

The Product Card outlines the Allograft features and can be handed to the patient at physician’s discretion.

The Allograft Application Log needs to be completed and submitted. Place the provided Product Sticker of the used Allograft on the log and fax it to Extremity Care.

Product Return Policy/Card

In case the Allograft needs to be returned complete the Allograft Return Card.

Place the provided FedEx label on the back of careLOG™. Place the Product Return Card into careLOG™, close the box with the provided seal, and ship the product free of charge back to Extremity Care.

If an Allograft is shipped back to Extremity Care, please complete and return with the Allograft the provided Allograft Return Card.