Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Dermacol Wound Matrix

DermaCol is an advanced wound care dressing made of collagen, sodium alginate, carboxyl methylcellulose and ethylenediamine-tetraacetic acid (EDTA). DermaCol transforms into a soft gel sheet when in contact with wound exudates. Maintains a moist wound environment, and creates ideal conditions for healing.

2. Can I trim DermaCol to size

Yes. DermaCol can be cut to size

3. What is DermaCol 100

DermaCol 100 is a Type 1 bovine collagen powder wound filler dressing.
DermaCol 100 is topically applied and designed to come into contact with wound exudate. It maintains a moist wound environment at the wound surface.

4. What is AquaDerm

AquaDerm hydrogel sheet dressing is cool and soothing to help reduce local pain in superficial wounds. Absorbs exudate while supporting moist wound healing for lightly exuding wounds. Transparent for easy monitoring of wound site.

5. Can I trim AquaDerm to size

Yes. AquaDerm should be cut to size and not overlap the wound edges.

6. Can I buy the careBOX™ directly from Extremity Care™

Yes. You can use the online shop on the Extremity Care website.

7. Is the carePAC™ covered by Medicare

Yes. The carePAC™ is a DME reimbursable product. Please follow the correct Medicare guidelines for reimbursement.

8. How do I use the carePAC™ QR code technology

Simply download any scanning app on your smart device and scan the square QR code on the top right of the carePAC™. A short video will now play on how to change each dressing.

9. I have a question about my carePAC™ who should I call

Please call Extremity Care™ customer service at 1-888-694-6694 we will be happy to help you.

10. I have a billing question who do I call

Please call the billing hotline at 1-844-484-CPAC our experienced billers will be happy to answer any of your billing questions.

11. What is DermaGinate

DermaGinate is a calcium alginate wound dressing for moderate to highly exudating wounds. Conforms readily to any wound bed. Gels on contact with moisture. Highly absorbent. Assists in maintaining a moist wound healing environment. Derived from natural seaweed.

12. Why do I need the carePAC™

The carePAC™ is the most efficient way to send wound care supplies to a patients home. Our customized carePAC™ reduces patient confusion, eliminates waste and helps the patient to be more compliant. Extremity Care’s mission is to increase wound care healing by educating patients through compliance and great wound care practices.

13. How quick will I receive my order

Most orders will ship same day and be at the patients home within 36 hours.

14. What kind of payment options do you accept

Most major credit cards are accepted.

15. What is your return policy?

We do not reuse supplies and therefore cannot take back supplies that have already been opened. If you receive supplies in error, do not open the box and call us at 1-888-694-6694 immediately.