Insurance Verification PROCESS

The Extremity Care Reimbursement Service verifies insurance coverage with the following information provided by the Healthcare Provider:

  • Patient Name
  • Patient Date of Birth
  • Patient Insurance Plan(s) Policy number(s)
  • Physician and Facility NPI, Tax ID, Payer IDs, PTANs
  • Physician and Facility Network Status

We will get current status
on the patient’s:

  • Effective date with the plan
  • Deductible/Deductible met
  • Copay
  • Coinsurance
  • Out of Pocket/Out of Pocket Met


  • Hotline will perform the Benefits Verification and send to the provider a Benefit Summary upon completion
  • Account receives all patient benefit information
Disclaimer: Extremity Care offers insurance verification as an information service only. Information gathered during the requested research will be provided by the insurer or third-party payer. Results of this research are not a guarantee of coverage or reimbursement in the future. Extremity Care disclaim liability for payment of any claims, benefits, or costs.
Extremity Care does not guarantee payment, nor does insurance verification guarantee payment. Terms & Conditions apply. Extremity Care does not warrant the accuracy of the information provided. None of the content on this website should be interpreted as billing or reimbursement advice.